Everything you need to know about Ben & Shaynas wedding

We made it!

Saturday morning we had some good family time before we hit the road. Ben and Norah played for a long time, and she was in her glory. 



These are some of my favorite times, watching these two together. They were both happy as clams playing away while I put the last minute things in our bags.  

Ben drove us out to Greenwood, where Norah and I were hopping in with Katie in her van. We had lunch at their restaurant first, and Ryley and Jason met up with us there! They are such good friends to us, and such great uncles to Norah. Ben called them up a couple of days ago and invited them down for the night so they could join in some paintball fun, and I think so the house wasn’t so empty that first night we were gone. They happily agreed! It’s always so nice seeing them. So we stayed and visited a while and everyone got some final snuggles from the little one, although she was being a little odd! I think she could probably tell that something was going on, and probably knew that I was feeling stressed, because she was not acting like herself. Once we got on the road though she seemed to settle, and so did I :). 

We had a blast shopping away! There’s a really sweet vintage store downtown Kelowna, and now that Katie needs old timey clothes to wear at work, we knew it was the perfect spot! She hauled and found some amazing stuff, and all for really great prices! It was fun helping her find stuff. I found the most amazing pair of earrings and it was love at first sight. Only problem is I don’t have pierced ears. Apparently these earrings though have powers because I have not stopped thinking about them! I didn’t buy them, but  I’m pretty sure I’m going to call the store and buy them now and pierce my ears, just so I can wear them. 

We got to the hotel pretty late for Norah, but she had done so incredibly well all day. She really is such a good baby, I am continually impressed by her. She normally eats her solid meal at dinner time, and she hadn’t had it yet. I looked around the room for something to sit her in and the recycling bin was just the right size, and easy to wash too! Haha! She didn’t seem to mind.  

She downed her dinner and passed out hard within minutes of me getting her into her jammies. She slept pretty well too! Up once and then up early (which was okay, because we needed an earlier start anyways). 

Our big day of travel went so smoothly! Thank you guys so much for all your prayers, I could definitely feel them. The only hiccup was when they called for pre- boarding the plane for anyone with infants, I kid you not they gave only one minut before calling regular boarding!so Katie and I were having to navigate through the swarms of people, who were all acting like we were the fools for not coming up when we should have! A lot of them wouldn’t even move or just kind of pushed past us, which sucked.  Ugh it was frustrating. And the lady at the gate was like “you know, you could have come up for pre-boarding.” If looks could kill. Although don’t cross two mama bears. Both Katie and I had a comment or two for her. All constructive… I swear! 😉

The flight was awesome, Norah played and slept and barely made a peep. 

Again, it was SO nice flying with Katie this time!! 

Norah got to meet some of Katie’s family too!! Katie’s mom, sister and brother in-law all came to pick Katie up, so Norah got some good snuggles with them. It was nice they could meet each other. I didn’t get a picture of Aunt Sue with Norah, but I think I’ll have some competition for who loves her most ;). 

Dan and Kim picked us up, which was so great of them! And off we went to Seth and Kayla’s! We had a great visit, and Norah went to sleep super well and… Drumroll please… SHE SLEPT ALL NIGHT LONG!!!! Woooo hoooo!!! So again, THANK YOU for praying!!! I so appreciate it. I realize that I’m not doing it alone after all:). 

So now we are ready to take on our first full day here! That was a long post. So for those of you who made it to the end, congratulations. You get a prize! Happy Monday everyone, hope it’s a good one!



I don’t know if you can tell from the title, but I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! I am getting MARRIED in 9 DAYS!!! I only have 1 more week until I get to be Mrs. Ben Jepsen! I am giddy. All of the last minute things are upon us, and (knock on wood) everything is coming together so nicely. We’ve met with Pastor Henry, picked our vows, written our thank you’s, finished seating charts, wrapped gifts and covered outlets. My mom, sister and MOH come in 4 days, and then everyone keeps on coming after that!!!!!  I can’t believe the wedding is almost here. I can’t wait to be married. and see all our people. and dance the night away! Okay, now I’m going to focus on the reason for the post. A few last minute details for you, the guests!

As I’ve mentioned before, the ceremony is open, so all are welcome! We’re at Christina Lake Public Beach at 3pm. Also, if you want to bring a lawn chair/blanket to sit on, it may not be a bad idea- seating is a bit limited!

Our rain location is at the Christina Lake Community Hall. So if the weather is stormy, head to the hall.

That’s it. That’s all. Everything is covered I think! If you have any questions, let me know! But not next saturday. I’ll be busy getting married 🙂


P.S. BEN! I love you:)

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She’s Alive!

I’ve definitely been slacking on the blog. I’ve gone from the problem of not having too much to write about, to having so many wedding things happening that I don’t know where to start! I guess I should start with a couple of weeks ago.Time travel with me, will you?

It was only 2 weeks ago, but it already feels like forever ago. I got to spend an amazing weekend in Victoria with Mel and all the wonderful people I’ve been blessed to know and have come to really love over the last few years! The whole weekend was so much fun, Mel and I got some quality time together, which is always great and always way more fun than any two people should have! We did a LOT of shopping, crossed a lot of things off my to do/wedding prep list, and spent a lot of time basking in the glorious sunshine! As if that wasn’t enough fun, my sister is also living on the Island now and I got to spend time with her too!!! It was so great having her there, it’s so awesome having my worlds merge, and them become one- especially because this is becoming her world too. On Sunday night we went walking down by the harbour and saw some of the vendors and the sights of Victoria, and that was really fun to share with Steph!

Mel also threw me one fantastic bridal shower complete with beautiful decorations, fun games, more food than we knew what to do with (thanks Lois!!!), and best of all a whole bunch of wonderful women who I am lucky enough to count as friends! The weather was absolutely perfect too, it felt like summer ALL weekend, so I was beyond thrilled (my last spring and summer on the Island was less than satisfactory in the weather department). Mel had some really sweet ideas of things to do. She set up this massive craft station and all of the girls made Ben and me and calendar for our first year of marriage using pictures of the two of us and using their artistic abilities to make it look super sweet! I can’t wait to hang it up in our new house, I’ve already spent a lot of time flipping through it. Some of them are super funny, I love my friends and their sense of humour 🙂

Since then, I’ve been steadily knocking things off the to do list. All those things that I thought I would never get to because they could only be done a few weeks before the wedding are now upon me, and I can’t even believe it! I’ve had a trial run for my hair, tested cakes, tested wedding food, tested wine, bought detail-ey things for the reception, started planning seating charts, started on thank you cards, finished thank you cards (woo!), purchased wedding favours, hunted for table cloths, started making a playlist to dance the night away to (I’d still love your input by the way), grocery shopped like a maniac and started organizing my things for the big move 🙂 Speaking of which,  I don’t think I mentioned that Ben and I will be moving into a new place together so we have also been busy apartment hunting! May and June are also pretty big months in the youth min field of work, so needless to say, we’ve been rather busy! I’m so ready to be married. But it is all still so much fun! I’ve let go of some of the little things, and Ben is amazing with taking things off my to do list (gotta have my little shout out to Ben. It wouldn’t be a true blog post if I didn’t have a little gush in each one right? haha). I think we’ll be a pretty good team. I also think whoever invented the honeymoon is an angel- I’m so looking forward to a week of relaxation and being pampered at a resort after all of this craziness!

I think that’s a pretty complete update on all this business. I love you all dearly. Can’t wait to see you all!!!!!


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For all you Ontarions/East Coasters

Hey friends!

So I’ve been having a lot of questions about our Ontario reception, which is SO exciting to me!! I know it’s really difficult to get all the way out to BC from our fair province (it doesn’t help that airlines charge you an arm and a leg and sometimes a piece of your soul to do it), so I’m so thankful we’re able to come see all of you! Here is the info you will need in bullet points.

Where: The Royal Canadian Legion, 16 Durham St. Tillsonburg, ON

When: Saturday June 23, 2012 1pm-5pm

What: An Open House Reception. Say hello to the bride and groom, or meet the groom if you haven’t already.

It’s informal, there will be lots of delicious appetizers, some drinks, lots going on and some really great people. Come hang out for a while, pass along the information, and let those who don’t follow the blog or have facebook know. I would hate to miss someone or for anyone to feel left out! This is an open invitation, so if you know me or my parents and want to come say hello, please do! So mark your calendars. June 23. Be there!




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And last but certainly not least, Introducing… Jon Lampard!!

HI! My name is Jon Lampard and I am so honored to be standing next to Ben on his big day! Ben and Shayna have both become a huge part of our lives over the past 6 years and it is so exciting to see their story moving forward.

The first time I met Ben was as I moved into room 210 in Lewis Apartments at Briercrest College in the fall of 2006. He was standing there…towering over me… with his big muscles and freaky goatee! Ben and I lived together in dorms for that year and became fast friends. A lot of our time was spent eating entire chickens, watching the TV show House and swooning over all the ‘Foxes’ at Briecrest! It was a good year.

Ben and I have road tripped together, worked together, studied and played together. He has become one of my closest friends and I am blessed to have him in my life. He has become someone who I trust and respect very much and has always been there for me when I needed a friend.

Shayna has also become a huge part of my life in the past few years. She has become like a sister to me and I am so happy that she has found Ben… even if it took her a little while!

I am so excited to be standing up with Ben and Shayna on June 9 and look forward to sharing our lives together.

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Forever Young.

Hello everyone!

It feels like forever since I’ve posted on here. I guess I’ve been feeling like I haven’t had anything to say that was worthy of being posted. That is no longer so! This week has been full of wonderful wedding-ness! It’s about that time in a wedding planning checklist when all those little things that couldn’t be done until just before the wedding are due to be completed. Last monday I was super dumb and made the most detailed checklist of all the things to do until June 9 and almost hyperventilated. But in the long run it was good. Ben helped me focus and see that everything could get done, and would get done, and that maybe I had a few things on the list that were dispensable. So after I finished dispensing the unnecessary items and crossing items off my list that Ben already had on his list, I set to work! And not to brag or anything, but we’ve been super efficient, and very productive this week. It feels good to see the list getting shorter and shorter every day 🙂

The biggest wedding news though, and the main reason for this blog post is that I was incredibly blessed by the ladies of Gospel Chapel this week! The church threw me a beautiful bridal shower on Monday evening, and I was basically bouncing in my seat all day on Monday with excitement for this shin-dig! I wanted to include some pictures but I forgot to get them from Katie! I’ll hopefully post them a bit later. Iris (Ben’s grandma) coordinated the event, and did an awesome job. There was lots of great food (thanks for the fruit tray Heather!), and lots of great people. I was overwhelmed by the turnout, over 30 people! These ladies spoiled me with gifts, I loved absolutely everything that I was given. As I sat there looking around the room (after I got over my incredible awkwardness at being the center of attention), I was just overwhelmed with thankfulness for where God has placed me. Living in a small town in BC preparing to be a pastors wife is the last thing I expected to be doing at this point in my life, but when has God ever done the expected? The ladies of Gospel Chapel have been so warm and welcoming and have made me feel right at home here, and made me feel like I belong to their community. What a blessing! To be surrounded by people who care so much for you so soon after meeting them! I am one lucky girl.

Not only was a blessed with one shower this week, but I am also excitedly anticipating this weekend coming up because I get to spend the entire weekend with my best friend and maid of honour Melissa! She’s the greatest, and is throwing me a shower with all my amazing friends on the Island!!!! I cannot WAIT to see all their beautiful faces (amongst which will be my little sister, YAY!!!!). Seriously, how great is this week?! Could I be any luckier?! I’m definitely feeling the love these days, and am stoked out of my mind to have a girls weekend!

Now that I’ve wound myself up again (it’s become routine for me to have to calm myself down before I start bouncing off the walls with excitement for life), I’m going to sign out. I hope you’re all enjoying the hint of summer we’re getting (another trigger for my bouncing)!


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A Little Reminder…

Hey folks!

Guess what today is? May 1!!!! You know what that means? Well, a number of things actually. But do you know what it means in relation to our wedding?? That’s right! It’s RSVP day!! Haha! I’ve really been enjoying the steady stream of emails that have been coming in over the past couple of weeks, and a big thanks to all of you who have gotten back to me already! Every time I get an email I get excited all over again at the prospect of having a room full of people that we love all having a great time! Anyways, I just wanted to send a little reminder to those of you we haven’t heard from yet 🙂 Hope you’re all having a fabulous day!



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Introducing… Kim Ball!!!

Shayna’s friendship really was an answer to my prayers. It started when we were in Junior High and Shayna started attending my church. I still remember the first time we talked, it was her asking me to come over for a sleepover…and that was the first of MANY sleepovers. We were pretty much inseparable throughout the rest of junior high and high school. I could write a novel of all the memories I have with Shayna, from concerts to youth group events to running around in my yard with waterguns and tripping over bushes, we did it all together, through laughter and tears and creating a best friendship that I had prayed about for years before I met Shayna. Going our separate ways after high school was extremely tough but I am so blessed to have been able to maintain that best friendship despite the MANY miles/provinces/countries that have separated us. I have loved seeing our friendship develop as we have both developed into…*cringe*… adults (although most of the time we don’t act like them!) I am so proud of the Godly woman Shayna has become and am also so proud to still call her my best friend. I couldn’t be happier for her and Ben and this special time in their lives and am THRILLED to be here with them along their journey together! Ben is one lucky man!

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Introducing… Blake Chursinoff!

Ben and I met alongside the Granby River, fishing poles in hand. Our friendship started 30 seconds later when we came up with an idea to send a rotten fish to some girls at camp through our partners in crime, good ol’ Canada Post. The rest is history.

I’ve ruined a few possible relationships of Ben’s and so I’m speechless that Ben actually asked me to be in his wedding party, he swore many times that he would never tell me when he got a girlfriend, let alone when he was going to get married. I’m glad he did. It has been a lot of fun getting to watch Ben and Shayna grow in their relationship and now to this point. I can assure you, they’re ready for the most amazing adventure life has to offer.

Ben and I spent many days up to no good at all. We had fun causing people slight inconveniences through our ridiculous pranks. All off this built, what I consider, to be one of my best friendships ever.

Ben is one of those kind of guys who will never leave your side. No matter what comes his or your way, he’s there. Ben will look for any way he can to sacrifice his time, interests, or plans to help a friend. He’s shown that to me time and time again.

I am honored to be standing beside Bent on his big day.


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You Make Me Feel Like Dancing…

I love dancing. I’m terrible at it but I love it all the same. I hope you guys do too, cause it’ll be super lame if I’m dancing all by myself at the reception! Sam (Ben’s brother) has graciously agreed to lend us his DJ-ing skills and he and I have started talking about what sort of tunes we’ll have playing at our super awesome party. Sooo here’s where I ask for your input! If you have a favourite song that you would love to hear or if you have a suggestion of a super fun dancing song, let me know!! Post a comment here, or send me a private message if you can’t figure out the comment section (or if  your pick is a guilty pleasure you don’t want anyone but me knowing about. your secret is safe with me. promise). Can’t wait to party with you guys!



When You’re the Best of Friends…

Hey all!

How are you on this lovely Thursday afternoon? I’m pretty good. I’m actually very excited about my bridesmaids today. I’ve been able to talk with each of them this week either on the phone or just by text which has been wonderful. I have such great friends! Their dresses came in today and let me tell you, each one of these ladies is going to look amazing! I’m so excited that I’ll have these 4 by my side on the big day. I know I’ve been letting them introduce themselves, but I want to brag about them a little bit, and talk about how awesome they each are!

So my maid of honour, Melissa Lampard is one of the funniest people I know. She’s one of the few people who can make me laugh in the midst of an angry irrational rant. I’m so lucky to call this kind, fun, loving and all around awesome girl as a best friend. We’ve had more ridiculously fun adventures, roadtrips, slushies and big macs than any two people should reasonably have. Together we’re like Meredith and Christina. We both love Grey’s Anatomy and in one episode Derek (Meredith’s boyfriend) says this to Christina’s new boyfriend: “Remember the kid, Elliot? He and E.T. had this weird and disturbing bond. If he got sick, E.T. got sick. If E.T. got drunk, Elliot got drunk. That’s kinda like Cristina and Meredith. Meanwhile, you and I are like the, um, government guys in the white hazmat suits. You know we’re trying to steer them into the right direction, but in the end we just don’t understand.” Mel and I watched that episode seperately and both immediately paused it, burst out laughing and called each other right away. Because that’s us. And we love it.

Kayla Pettman. Another of the funniest people that I know. I’ve been missing her so badly lately, and our schedules were finally in sync this week and we had a wonderfully long talk about everything under the sun. I met her in high school and we quickly became best friends! As she mentioned, we used to spend hours on end making up absolutely ridiculous songs about the silliest things (we once wrote one about unicorns and Voldemort for Mel), and those times are still some of the most fun I’ve ever had. In fact, sometimes we still sit down at the piano and make up a new song just for the fun of it. We’ve calmed down a bit as we’ve grown up, but the crazy is still in there:). It’s hard to believe how much has happened since we became friends, I mean she’s now married with the cutest little son, and I’m on my way to the altar in just a few short months!

Kimberly Ann Ball. My long time bff and partner in crime. I’ve know this girl since junior high and have been so blessed by her continual presence in my life. She tells stories like no one else I know, and warms my heart with her frequent texts and notes. Now if you get me talking with any of my friends, we can generally talk for a long time. When Kim and I get together the conversation doesn’t stop. A typical skype date with this girl hits the 2 hour mark easily, and we’re usually very disappointed that we didn’t get to talk about everything we wanted to talk about.

Last by certainly not least, my little sister Steph. Obviously I’ve know her the longest. Now it’s confession time: I was not a very nice big sister growing up. I was kind of dramatic and too cool for school, or at least too cool to hang out with my baby sister. Oh how I regret that now! She is one awesome girl and I’m so glad that I’ve finally come to my senses, because she is so much fun, incredibly loyal, and we share a very nerdy/punny sense of humour. She also makes me more stylish (which I need) while I’ve worked my hardest to show her my sweatpant wearing ways (I think I’m succeeding). She’s about to embark on a great adventure in life and I am soooo excited to see where God takes her. Plus, SHE’S COMING TO VISIT SOON!!! I’m a tad bit excited.

So that’s it! Those are my girls. How lucky am I, eh? Not many people can say they have 4 best friends. I can’t wait to see them all SO soon!!!! It’s going to be so much fun all being together. Gah!! I can’t even contain myself at the thought of it! That settles it. I’m calling you all again this weekend. Tonight! LOVE YOU LADIES!


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Introducing…Mrs. Kayla Pettman!!

Hi!!! I have had the awesome privilege of knowing Shayna since high school. We first met at youth group in Tillsonburg. We have been the Best of Friends since. I have some amazing memories with Shayna, one of our favourite things to do together was sit at a piano and make up ridiculous songs (you should ask to hear some) We also may have danced like crazy to boy bands just as so many girls our age did. Now whenever I see her my life is that much happier, she brings out the crazy in me, I know she is one of the most amazing friends someone could ever ask for. I am so happy for her happy ever after.

PS. Meeting Ben was so much fun!!! Right away I knew he was the right match for Shayna. I love when Shayna and Ben visit. I know I’m always in store for lots of fun. A great memory… we all danced like crazy people to Lady Gaga…. And I’m not even sure if any of us actually like her music, but it sure was fun to bust out some insane dance moves! I cannot wait to be a part of Shayna and Ben’s happy day and I am so excited for their life ahead of them.

Finding a picture of me and Kayla being semi-normal was quite difficult. This was as close as I could get! Haha! Love you Kay!

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65 16 45

You may be wondering what the heck these numbers mean. Well guess what I’ll tell you! These numbers are the days, hours, then minuets till I am a married man. Of course it’s likely changed because those numbers were up when I started this post!

Planning for a wedding has been stressful and saving for a wedding has been stressful but I started to look at it in a different light! I have started to focus more on the fact that whether or not things come together or we get the money I will be married to Shayna M Martin in 65 days. I want this day to be the best day ever for her, but in the end this is all that matters. People will show up, Pastor Henry will marry us, and Shayna and I will start a whole new chapter together. In the end this is the most important and only thing that REALLY matters.

I’ve been thankful to God for all he has done for us and am SO excited for what is ahead. I can’t wait for 65 days, 16 hours, and 45 minutes to pass!

Shayna has done an amazing job putting this wedding together, this site is proof of that! What a super awesome girl! I just feel bad for all the dudes out there who didn’t end up with her. Brings a Relient K song to mind.

Anyway Shayna thanks for all your hard work I’ll keep trying my best to be useful!

-benjamin jepsen

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Our Gift Registry

Hello all!

I realized that even though I posted the links to the places we are registered, I never really gave you the information for it! We’re registered at The Bay and Sears I’ve listed out registry numbers for each below. We also love Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire, so gift cards to those places will also be a big hit with us! Let’s face it, I get stoked when someone gets me a milkshake and a big mac. I’m pretty easy to please haha!

Our Sears registry is listed under Shayna Martin and Ben Jepsen. The registry number is 201133772690. You can search either way!

The Bay registry is listed the same way, and the registry number is 400100986899.

Hope this helps!


Introducing… Tyler Francis!

Hello all, Tyler Francis here, one of Ben’s Groomsmen and very honored to be so.

I have known Ben for longer than I can remember I believe. The first time I actually have a memory of hanging out with Ben was when I was 4 or 5. My dad had to speak to his dad so we headed over to their place, dad sent me down stairs where I was supposed to find a boy about my age playing video games, and I did. I am not sure I introduced myself or if I just asked where another controller was and we sat and played Mario Kart for SNES for who knows how long. I do not even think we spoke.Years later, with much more laughing and speaking not much has changed, we still, when the opportunity arouses, sit in a basement and play video games.

Since that encounter Ben and I have spent more time together than I think I have with any of my friends. We have lived in a tiny cabin together with another guy (also in the wedding party), we have gone months without talking then hung out and it was like we had spoke the night before, we’ve been on road trips where we had not nearly enough sleep and the list goes on and on. All the things true friends should experience I feel.

Not too sure when I met Shayna either, but it was not when I was 4 or 5 and I believe we played Catch Phrase (which we are unstoppable at Shayna) instead of Mario Kart. The times I have got to spend with Shayna have been good, and if there is one thing I noticed in these times it is this: Ben iiiiiis bonkers for her and I am so pumped for you guys, and super excited to be up there with you Bent!

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